Dream homes North Cyprus Insurance.

     We at Dream Homes North Cyprus are registered agents for ‘Commercial  insurance ltd’, 
      Security starts with us !
      Protect yourself, your family and your belongings against the unexpected.
      Why work hard for your investment, then lose it in a blink of an eye by having NO or insufficient insurance. 
  Your investments are in safe hands with us.
No need to itemize all your possessions as this causes you inconvenience by having to alter your policy each time you purchase a new item. In the event of a claim we simply cover everything you claim for under your policy.

Villa policies.

Policy coverages.

1. Fire - A. Buildings.  B. Contents.
2. Earthquake
3. Flood.
4. Smoke Damage.
5. Land Slide.
6. Wind / Storm Damage.
7. Damage caused by vehicles.
8. Civil Commotion.
9. Glass breakage.
10. Garden Equipment e.g.  Lawnmower, sun loungers etc.  11. Theft.
12. Personal injury.
Additional Coverage.

1. Liability.
2. Machinery Breakdown.
3.Loss of Rent (due to any of the above.)
4.Electronical Equipment.

Types of Policies.


All your buildings including swimming pool are included in the total sum insured.
Glass: Accidental damage.( total sum insured 5,000 TL per year).

Garden Equipment: Lawnmowers etc( Excluding plants ).

Theft: Precious and Personal items such as cash and Jewelry are limited to 30% total contents insured.
Machinery: Generator, Boiler,Pool equipment( excluding wear and tear.)

Loss of rent : In the event that any of the ‘Policy coverages ‘ happen. You are covered up to 5000 TL.
Electrical Equipment: AC, Alarm, Communication systems (excluding surges).
Liability: Damage to neighbours property.Total sum insured 20,000TL.
Common areas : (Apartments only).
Personal Injury : Applies to Accidents at the policy holders Property up to 2,500TL per person, per year.
Tomorrow may be too late !
So in order to safeguard your investment contact us now.